SOFTEX–A Complete ERP Solution for Money Exchanges

Many Money Exchanges are slowed down by software that provides lengthy front desk operations and irregular and undecipherable back desk ones. With increasing regulatory pressures, complex global operations, rising demand for innovative customer service and new competitors entering the market, Currency Exchange Centres cannot afford to be bogged down by fossilised software. This is where A.A. International saw an opportunity for innovation.

SOFT REMIT – Customised Solution for Money Transfer

SOFT Remit offers you customized Money Transfer solutions in all currencies across the Globe. Developed on the latest .Net platform it has many unique and never before features to aid fast money remittance. Now you can beat the competition by offering the most profitable solution to your valued customers.

SOFT RECON – Patch Application for Party/Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the process through which Money Exchanges track all monthly transactions and match all remittances with deliverances. Every exchange enterprise values the contribution of reconciliation towards its profit. Fast Recon uses the latest available technology to give you all reconciliation reports quickly and precisely.

SOFT Load – Patch Application

SoftLoad is newly introduced application patch which specially designed to be a part of money exchange existing software. For online remittance which are being process by third party web sites like ARY Speed Remit, Instant Cash, EzRemit, AUB Remit and Express Money etc. you can use the SoftLoad to make that transactions part of yours exchange company software. It reduces the double data entry effort and increases the system data accuracy.