Circuit Computer is a U.A.E based company since 1999 with interests in Information Technology. Our Team, which is genuine mix of Talent and diversified Experience, has successfully developed and implemented - The complete ERP solutions for financial institutions and medium scale businesses.

Circuit Computer
is a rapidly growing software services and solutions outsourcing company, leading provider of professional website designing, application development, custom software development and search engine optimization services.

Circuit Computer offered online business models can help to streamline business processes and focus on the needs of customers. Depending on the needs and size of your organization, our solutions can be used to streamline your business-to-business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) processes. Circuit Computer can identify the areas where you can leverage the Internet to make your organization run more smoothly. We are pleased to inform, Circuit Computer I.T services network already expended to SUDAN, QATAR, MALYASIA, PAKISTAN, BAHRAIN, SAUDI ARABIA, IRAN, CANADA, HONGKONG and U.A.E. We offer multi-lingual software solution, which carefully designed as desired. Our valuable clients are comfortable with offered solutions since solutions are compact, chock proof and having the ability to prevent software disasters.

With a combined experience of about 15 years in the fields of IT, Finance, Forex dealings and Business Management, our team has after many months of non-stop brain storming, finally succeeded in creating these products, which offers many never before solutions to you, the end user.


- SOFTEX - A Complete ERP Solution for Money Exchanges

- SOFT REMIT - Customised Solution for Money Transfer

- SOFT RECON - Patch Application for Party/Bank Reconciliation

- SOFT Load - Patch Application

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Today, Companies require a unified approach based on a formal IT strategy that is in line with the organization's mission. This demands development of the enterprise frameworks, and solutions that ensure rationalisation of the existing IT infrastructure to deliver maximum value.